Mille Plateaux – experimental electronic / idm music label since 1993


Please excuse this existencialistic, anti/postmaterialistic temporary blog while our new website is under constructivism.

New Releases:

Introducing Mille Plateaux Organic! The Lawless: Habit Forming (Details / mp3 previews)


Klive – Sweaty Psalms (Details / mp3 previews)

Yu Miyashita – Noble Niche (Details / mp3 previews)

Clicks & Cuts 5.0 – Paradigm Shift (Details / mp3 previews)

Clicks & Cuts 5.1 – Paradigm Shift (The Bonus Package) (Details / mp3 previews)

Ametsub – The Nothings Of The North (Details / mp3 previews)

Kabutogani – BEKTOP (Details / mp3 previews)

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